Shocking Dedication

Maneesh: damn, a quick zap test would be really useful!

Thus began Zach and Luke’s weirdest day at the MonthlyBoxer warehouse – and we set that bar high!

For those who aren’t in the know, Pavlok is a wearable device – think of the form factor of a Fitbit – but with the punch of a small taser. The idea is to use it to train yourself away from bad habits. Thinking of having a cigarette? Push the zap button and your Pavlok will help you learn not to pine for a smoke break. Trouble with your posture? Pair with a colleagues phone and ask them to tase you if they see you slouching. You’ll be sitting up straight in no time.

Team Pavlok had a problem – a couple hundred units had been sitting in the Amazon warehouse for a while, and they needed to have their firmware upgraded and their shock circuits checked. Simple enough – charge each device, pair it with your phone, upgrade the firmware, then test the vibrate, chirp, and tase modes. If it’s simple, why are you putting the Pavloks into metal thermoses? Well, it turns out most phones aren’t designed to choose between 200+ nearby Bluetooth enabled devices – so the best way to pair with a specific device is to improvise a faraday cage for any other charged units! It took some trial and error – but a double-walled travel mug worked to isolate the Bluetooth signal once we put another metal cup over the top. Turns out writing down the IDs for each device only scaled til the first 10 were charged…

After that – it was straight-forward, if a little bit tough on the guys:

A few hours later, we put the tested units back into the swanky Pavlok packaging, and they were ready to go.

We’re sorry Luke! Please come back…

All-in-all it was just another day at the MonthlyBoxer warehouse! If you’re sick of dealing with rotating ‘account managers’ who don’t know a thing about your business and take days to get back to you – give us a call.  We’re a small, passionate team that’s will treat your business like our own. Just ask Maneesh and the rest of the team at Pavlok!




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